Imlie the Star Plus show produced by Gul Khan’s 4 Lions Films has seen the eventful drama created by Cheeni to bring Aryan (Fahmaan Khan) and Imlie (Sumbul Touqeer) together under one roof. As we know, she silently hid in Aryan’s car and came to Delhi, to his house. Later, she did not want Aryan to tell Imlie the truth of her being there. As we saw, Cheeni got into a problem and Aryan was there to help her out. We also wrote about Imlie being drawn to Delhi in search of Cheeni.

The coming drama will see Imlie and Cheeni coming face to face. Cheeni will tell Imlie about her knowledge of Imlie’s wedding with Aryan. Bigger drama will happen when Imlie and Cheeni will try to escape from the Rathore house without anyone’s knowledge. However, destiny will have other plans. Imlie and Cheeni who will be hidden under a blanket, will be mistaken for robbers. The result of all of it will be that Aryan will unwantedly expose Imlie in front of his family.

Imlie will get an emotional reunion at Aryan’s home with Aryan’s mother and sister being very happy on seeing Imlie’s return. They will believe that Imlie is back for good.

Will Imlie be forced to stay in Aryan’s house?