Imlie the Star Plus show produced by 4 Lions Films has seen engaging drama with Imlie (Megha Chakraborty) being critical after developing complications in her delivery. The doctor wanted to have a look at her previous sonogram reports for which Atharva (Karan Vohra) went to the Rana Villa to get the reports. However, he saw that the whole house is engulfed in fire. He went inside to collect the reports, but got stuck.

The coming episode will see a race against time as Anu will make her own plans to ruin Atharva and Imlie’s happiness. Meanwhile, Imlie will get unconscious and the doctors will find it difficult to revive her. The fact that Imlie will see the news of Rana Villa on fire, and hear that Atharva is inside, will make her health worse.

At Rana Villa, Atharva will get unconscious inside the house. But he will muster the courage to get up and try to escape from the fire that would have engulfed the house.

What will happen next?

Imlie the Star Plus show produced by 4 Lions Films stars Megha Chakraborty and Karan Vohra in lead roles. The show which saw Imlie and Atharva getting together with a bond of friendship and love, has recently taken a five years leap. Post the leap, Imlie is separated from her daughter while Atharva raises his kid Kairi. Imlie and family members believe that Atharva is dead. The story then sees Atharva and Imlie’s reunion.