Jhanak the Star Plus television show produced by Leena Gangopadhyay’s Magic Moment Productions has seen engaging drama with Aniruddh (Krushal Ahuja) being hellbent on pretending to be happy before Arshi (Chandni Sharma). He confessed his love for Jhanak (Hiba Nawab), but she did not reciprocate. Jhanak felt that Aniruddh should shed his pretence and concentrate on his life ahead with Arshi. Jhanak got rude to Aniruddh, humiliated his thoughts and asked him to correct himself. Jhanak believed that this path of hers would make Aniruddh realize his love for Arshi.

The upcoming episode will see Aniruddh and Arshi’s mehendi nite happening wherein Aniruddh will come determined that he will play on to be happy with Arshi. Aniruddh will shower all love and affection on Arshi, and put up a big smile all through the event. He will keep looking at Jhanak, which will make her uncomfortable. Aniruddh will dance to Mehendi Lagake Rakhna with Arshi, but his mind will be tuned towards being happy for the sake of making Jhanak jealous. Aniruddh will succeed too in his mission as Jhanak will realize that she has Aniruddh in her thoughts. She will feel disturbed and will not understand what is wrong.

Jhanak Ep 217 24th June Written Episode Update

Aniruddh told Jhanak about his performance to be happy with Arshi. Jhanak did not want him to follow that route and snubbed him, told him to be happy with his wife and marriage.

What will happen next?

Writer, director and producer Leena Gangopadhyay who has given several hit Bengali TV shows comes out with her first original Hindi show titled Jhanak. Actors Krushal Ahuja, Chandni Sharma and Hiba Nawab will play the leads in the show. The show is produced by Magic Moments Productions and will air on Star Plus. The show also has Kajal Pisal, Dolly Sohi, Sanjay Gandhi, Bharat Kaul, Sunny Sachdeva, Sachin Verma playing the main characters.