Kartik to be Naira’s ‘saviour’ at the dance competition in Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta

The dance performance of Naira will be jolted with few hurdles, but Kartik will be the man of the hour for Naira in Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta.

Kartik to be Naira’s ‘saviour’ at the dance competition in Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta

Star Plus’ popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Director’s Kut) will see high-intensity drama with the D-day for Naira’s (Shivangi Joshi) performance approaching!!

As we know, Kartik’s (Mohsin Khan) jealousy has already taken a toll on Naira. But with Kartik apologizing to Kiran (Shravan Mehta), things will fall in place for Naira for her performance.

But there will be one bigger hurdle coming her way, with Dadi getting to know of Kiran being a male.

As per sources, “Dadi will create a huge ruckus just before the performance wherein she will humiliate Kiran and will yell at Naira for choosing to dance with a male partner.”

All this will result in Kiran walking out just minutes before his performance.


With this, Naira will be left heart-broken as she will realize that her dream of starting a dance academy to fulfil her mother’s wish has been left shattered.

However, if sources are to be believed, the saving grace for Naira will come in the form of her own husband, Kartik.

Yes, as Naira will start to perform the couple dance alone, she will reach a juncture where she will be about to be expelled from the competition. However, Kartik will come in the get-up of Krishn and will save his Radha.

This situation will bring about a very engaging and emotional dance performance coming from the love birds, Kartik and Naira.

Wow!! Are you all eager to see Kartik-Naira’s Krishna- Radha act?

We buzzed the actors, but they were busy to comment.

Gear up for this enchanting dance performance coming your way in Yeh Rishta.

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