Main Hoon Saath Tere the Zee TV television show produced by Full House Media has seen engaging drama with Janvi (Ulka Gupta) saving Aryaman’s (Karan Vohra) life after Sadhu had put him at high risk by giving him an electric shock in the construction site. We saw Janvi giving Aryaman a life-saving CPR on time. She also brought an unconscious Aryaman in a cart, dragging it on roads. Arya’s friend Murli spotted the situation and got Arya home. Janvi got to know about the shocking truth of Aryaman being the son of Brijbhushan Bundela.

The upcoming episode will see Arya gaining consciousness and feeling the pain of Janvi ignoring him. We wrote about Janvi being disappointed with Arya’s lies. She was of the consideration that their beautiful bond of friendship got broken when Arya turned out to be her boss’ son. Arya tried his best to justify his act, but Janvi avoided him.

The upcoming episode will see Murli telling the family about Sadhu’s arrest. It will also be revealed to Aryaman that his sister Raina was hand in hand with Sadhu in this act. Murli will reveal the police statement given by Sadhu that he did it on the order of Raina.

Main Hoon Saath Tere Ep 52 19th June Written Episode Update

Aryaman got back his consciousness and went to meet Janvi. Janvi avoided him and told him that their bond of friendship was all over.

How will Raina save herself from this accusation?

Viewers of Main Hoon Saath Tere will find themselves rooting for Kian to approve of Aryaman as the perfect partner for his mother Janvi. Despite being deprived of his father’s love all through his childhood, he develops a beautiful bond with young Kian and Janvi. And it will be interesting to see if Kian becomes the catalyst for this love story to unfold. While Janvi and Kian will be played by the talented Ulka Gupta and the adorable Nihan Jain respectively, Aryaman will be played by none other than the television heartthrob- Karan Vohra.