Check out Dangal TV's popular show Man AtiSundar's latest episode, number 151, where the audience will see that Radhika gets into trouble while Divyaam worries

Man AtiSundar: Radhika’s Life In Danger, Divyaam Worries

In Dangal TV’s popular show, Man AtiSundar, the audience are witnessing intense drama. Now, the audience will see that Kavita picks up Kali’s phone and puts it on speaker, and everyone hears the call. But Kali somehow manages to distract housemates’ attention. Kali takes her phone back, but Aunty snatches it from her hand and asks her to finish the job. This overhears the kidnappers and thinks that Kali has ordered them to kill Radhika.

Then, the kidnapper takes out his knife and attracts Radhika, but Radhika somehow saves herself. She releases herself from the rope and begins to throw things at him and soon tries to run away. But her strategy fails, and she again falls prey to the goons.

In contrast, Divyaam removes his anger from the punching bag, and Kali tries to stop him. But Divyaam strictly instructs Kali to stay away from him. And later, he starts crying, holding Sujatha and feels sad about Radhika. On the other hand, the kidnappers call Kali, and again, they misunderstand that they have to kill Radhika.

Now, to kill Radhika, the kidnappers, this time, try to use iron. Divyaam gets a strong feeling that Radhika’s life is in danger, and he leaves to find Radhika.

What will happen next? How will Divyaam save Radhika? Drop your views in the comments box.