Check out Dangal TV's popular show Man AtiSundar, latest episode number 149 spoiler, where the audience will witness that Divyaam somehow manages to reach the kidnapper's hideaway to save Radhika.

Man AtiSundar Episode 149 Spoiler: Divyaam Reaches Kidnapper’s Hideaway To Save Radhika

In Dangal TV’s popular show, Man AtiSundar, viewers are entertained with a gripping storyline and intense drama. Now, the audience will see that the kidnapper also comes to the market to take vegetables, and after noticing Divyaam, he runs away but falls in the way, and Radhika’s photo also falls in the ground from his pocket. Divyaam tries to chase the kidnapper as he finds Radhika’s photo, but he can’t get him. However, Divyaam shared these details with the police so they could intensify their search for Radhika.

While noticing all this, Kali gets scared and wonders what will happen if she gets caught, or she might probably also go to jail. Soon, police come home and put all the phones in the house on recording, as the suspect that Radhika has been kidnapped.

On the other hand, Kali informs the kidnappers that policemen are busy in search of them. Later, Divyaam and the police check cc TV footage to find more leads where they see goons’ faces. At the same time, Radhika uses her intelligence to run away from the clutches of kidnappers and asks them to order food.

Radhika orders her favorite Sandwich, which Divyaam overhears and suspects that the order is from Radhika. Divyaam finds the address of the place where the Sandwich has been ordered and goes there himself, turning himself into a delivery boy. Later, Radhika understands that Divyaam has come to save her.

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