Check out Dangal TV's popular show Man AtiSundar's latest episode number 152 spoiler, where the audience will see that Radhika will return home while Divyaam gets happy.

Man AtiSundar Episode 152 Spoiler: Radhika Returns Home, Divyaam Feels Happy

In Dangal TV’s popular show Man AtiSundar, viewers are witnessing intense drama with an interesting storyline. Earlier, the viewers saw that the kidnappers again called Kali and misunderstood her command, and they thought she asked to kill Radhika. So the kidnappers, this time, plan to attack her with the iron.

On the other hand, Divyaam realizes that Radhika’s life is in danger and goes to the warehouse again. When Divyaam enters the warehouse, he witnesses a lot of blood and broken bangles, which scares him. Then, suddenly, he gets a call from home, and he runs to the home back.

When Divyaam reaches home, he finds Radhika sitting on the sofa injured. However, Divyaam feels happy to see Radhika and hugs her. At the same time, Kali gets upset about Radhika’s return. Radhika reveals that the kidnapper tried to kill her with iron, but when he was trying to hit her, the kidnapper by mistake hit himself, after which Radhika helped them, which changed their minds, and so she came home safely. However, Aunty thinks this story is crap.

Later, Divyaam applies a bandage to Radhika’s wound. The next day, Divyaam brings food for Radhika in the morning and asks about the kidnappers, but Radhika reveals that she does not know anything. Then, Divyaam decides to investigate the matter.

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