Check out Dangal TV's popular show Man AtiSundar's latest episode 153 spoiler, where the audience will see Divyaam unveiling Kali's truth in front of housemates.

Man AtiSundar Episode 153 Spoiler: Divyaam Unveils Kali’s Black Truth

In Dangal TV‘s popular show Man AtiSundar, the audience are witnessing intense drama with the gripping storyline. Now, the audience will see that Divyaam asks Radhika about the kidnappers, to which Radhika reveals that she knows nothing. Then, Divyaam decides to investigate and catch the kidnappers.

On the other hand, Divyaam’s father asks Golu to go to the meeting, after which Golu calls the opposite party and takes the password from them. However, because Golu’s notepad on the phone doesn’t work, he opts to write down the password on his aunt’s phone, but it turns out to be Kali’s phone. When Kali comes in and takes the phone and breaks it, she doesn’t want to get arrested by the police.

But unknowingly, Kali destroys Golu’s password along with the phone. And Divyaam gets the responsibility to repair the phone. Divyaam goes to the repair shop and gets the work done for the data and phone. After that Divyaam enjoys Pani Puri with Radhika. But then Kali comes to the shop wearing a burqa, and she exchanges the phone.

Soon, Divyaam and Kali arrive, and the phone falls from Kali’s hand accidentally, which Divyaam takes. Later, Kali comes home, and soon Divyaam comes to the house shouting Kali’s name. Soon, he unveils Kali’s black truth and throws her out of the house, which turns out to be Kali’s dream.

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