Mariam Khan – Reporting Live, the Star Plus show will see the intriguing track of Mariam being kidnapped by Aayat.

Mariam to go missing in Star Plus’ Mariam Khan – Reporting Live

The shoot of Star Plus’ Mariam Khan – Reporting Live has been plagued by actors suffering from dengue. As we reported earlier, Deshna Dugad aka Mariam and Avinash Mishra aka Zain have been hospitalized and are in the recovery phase presently.

However the show has to go on, and the loyal viewers of the Somersault Productions show will see major drama around the wedding ambience.

The ongoing plot had Aayat (Mansi Sharma) plotting the fall of Mariam which lead to her hospitalization. This is where Aayat actually found out through the drawn bone marrow samples of Mariam, that she is her biological mother.

Now in the coming track, Mariam will be shown as missing!!

Yes, just as the family will be gearing up for the wedding of Mahira (Priyanka Khandwal), the family will realize that Mariam has gone missing.

As per sources, “Aayat will hire goons to fetch Mariam from the wedding venue.”

Will the family realize about Aayat being the culprit? When will Aayat reveal her identity to the family?

We buzzed artists, but did not get through to her.

Watch this space for more updates.

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