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Naagin 3 which completed its one year on 2 June has been the best show in its supernatural genre. So why is it the best show?

Naagin 3: The best in the supernatural genre

Naagin 3 the successful supernatural show on Colors produced by Balaji Telefilms had an engrossing run and just missed the one year mark by a week!!

Naagin 3 launched on 2 June 2018 and the recent season ended last week, on 26 May 2019, just a few days before the exact 1 year mark!!

And this is indeed a huge achievement considering the genre and the intricate story telling needed for such kind of shows to prosper.

What if the show missed the 1 year mark by a whisker? They can rejoice, for the show has done stupendously well on the ratings chart throughout its run.

So what is it that clicked for Naagin 3? What is it that worked in its favour?

Well, we decided to run a poll to see what the loyal viewers of the show think.

The sheer magical romance of leads Mahir and Bela

The well-knit story telling did its magic

The great ensemble cast put together a fabulous performance

The Season Finale’s great reunion of the cast from the previous seasons

Get ready to cast your cote now…

The best in the supernatural genre

Certainly remarkable of Naagin 3 to have completed its one year feat!!

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