SAB TV show Band Baja Bandh Darwaza will see Sarita getting kidnapped amidst chaos happening. Read it here.

Neelu Kohli aka Sarita gets kidnapped in Sony SAB’s Band Baja Bandh Darwaza

Sony SAB’s Band Baja Darwaza has successfully managed to make the audience laugh with a tinge of horror ever since its launch. The show has gained appreciation from its viewers, due to its celebrated cast and spookily comic storyline. This weekend, a new family comes for Rocky’s (Amitosh Nagpal) rishta but instead causes panic by kidnapping Sarita (Neelu Kohli), Rocky’s mother.

Sneha (Ashita Zaveri) has brought yet another marriage alliance, that of Thakur Family’s, for Rocky. This family seems quite crooked and suspicious. However, trying to make an attempt, Rocky and the girl go aside to talk in private, but for a second when he’s not paying attention, she disappears. Sarita happens to catch her going away in a tempo, stealing things from their house, for this, the Thakur family kidnaps Sarita instead and tie her in the tempo to keep things quiet. Clueless on Sarita’s whereabouts, her husband Chandan Khurana (Rajendra Sethi) and the ghost Sanjeev Sharma (Mukesh Tiwari) start looking for her.

Will the entire family be able to save Sarita and catch the thieves?

Neelu Kohli, essaying the role of Sarita Khurana said, “Sarita has got kidnapped and she is the only one who knows the truth of the thief family. It will, however, be very interesting for the audience to watch what happens as Chandan and Sanjeev try to save Sarita. I am glad the audience is liking our show and am sure that they will enjoy the upcoming episodes as well.”

Gear up to see the episode for more updates.

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