The Star Bharat show will see an interesting and comic track with the entry of few goons.

Nimki and Dadi’s ‘big clash’ with goons in Star Bharat’s Nimki Mukhiya

Star Bharat’s popular show Nimki Mukhiya (Qissago Telefilms) will see a new track wherein goons will enter Tetar Singh’s (Vijay Kumar) house to loot big time!!

When the goons would enter the house, only Nimki (Bhumika Gurung) and Dadi (Rita Bhaduri) will be inside.

The creative team has worked on a wonderfully comic track wherein Nimki and Dadi will stage a fightback against the goons.

A credible source tells us, “Nimki Mukhiya has always created endearing situations and the beauty of every track has been in the way the stories have been written. This will be yet another example of great writing. Viewers will have a laugh riot with this track that will last a week or so.”

We buzzed the actors, but could not get through to them.

Are you excited to see Nimki and Dadi’s fight against the goons? Drop in your comments here.


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