Pandya Store the Star Plus show produced by Sphere Origin will see Dhawal finally finding Amresh in a home. He will be shocked to see his brother in an injured state.

Pandya Store Spoiler: Dhawal finds Amresh

Pandya Store the Star Plus show produced by Sphere Origin has seen engaging drama with Dhawal (Rohit Chandel) panicking after finding out that Amresh (Ankur Nayyar) has met with an accident. Dhawal and his brothers got the shock of their lives to see blood stains on Amresh’s jacket and also all over the car. Dhawal feared the worst and prayed for his brother’s safety. Meanwhile, Natasha did all that she could to give her brothers the impression that she was with the Makwana family and that she had decided to support them. Natasha does not want her Dama to know that her marital life is in shambles after the deceit.

The coming episode will see Dhawal getting a clue of Amresh’s whereabouts. Amresh will be staying at a home where he will be taken care of. He will be badly bruised with a head injury and injury on his hand and leg. Dhawal will spot him there and will be relieved. Dhawal will ask his brother to come home. But Amresh will be adamant and will tell him that he will never get into the house where he is unwanted.

Pandya Store Ep 963 7th December Written Episode Update

The Makwana family got to read the letter written by Amresh before leaving the house. In the letter, Amresh had mentioned that Dhawal would handle all the business and work now.

What will happen now?

As we know, Pandya Store has gone through a generation leap. With the audience bidding adieu to its earlier cast, that included Kinshuk Mahajan, Shiny Doshi, Akshay Kharodia, Kanwar Dhillon, Alice Kaushik, Simran Budharup, Mohit Parmar, Maira Dharti Sharma, the new cast has entered. Priyanshi Yadav and Rohit Chandel play the leads.