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Krishn on a mission to kill Kans in RadhaKrishn

RadhaKrishn: Krishn on a mission to kill Kans

Star Bharat show RadhaKrishn (Swastik Production) never fails to entertain audiences with intriguing drama.

As per the plot, Krishn tells King Kukudmi that Balram deserves Revati’s hand and Kukudmi announces that Balram-Revati will get married at the right time. Everyone proceeds back to Vrindavan. On the way, RadhaKrishn stop their cart. Balram meets Gopika-Vallabh and apologizes for not understanding their love earlier. Vallabh-Gopika reveal their true form as RadhaKrishn.

Now, in the coming episode, in Vrindavan, Kutila tells Yashoda about Balram’s win and that he will be married to Revati soon. Balram says he has to finish an important thing before he gets married. Radha notices that Balram & Krishn are serious. Meanwhile, Kans gets nightmares as he is nearing his end & plans to organize the grand Dhanur-yagya. Radha figures out that Balram is not ready for the wedding because Krishn-Balram’s real parents are held captive by Kans.

Radha tells Krishn to go and release his parents but Krishn is worried as Radha does not know that after leaving Vrindavan, he will never come back. In the prison, Devki and Vasudev are surprised as the atmosphere and situation turns just like the day when Krishn was born and they think it is an indication that Krishn is coming to kill Kans. Kans orders Akroor to get Krishn to Mathura.

What will happen next?

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