Radha and Krishn's marriage woes

RadhaKrishn: Radha and Krishn’s marriage in trouble

Star Bharat show RadhaKrishn portrays the narrative of the eternal and timeless love of Radha and Krishna.

With love prospering between Radha and Krishn, the show will be seen entering one of its most crucial episodes.

Virshbhan had made a promise to Ugrapadh who saved him from embarrassment in the front of the whole village during Chandraveli & Govardhans wedding. Virshbhan promised that he would do anything for Ugrapadh.

Ugrapadh feels pity for his son, Ayan and promised his son that he will get him married to Radha

On this occasion Ugrapadh goes to Virshbhan and asks for Radha hand in marriage for his son subtly included the promise factor despite knowing that Radha and Krishn are to be married.

Virshbhan further goes on to tell his wife Keertida about the promised made and Radha hears the conversation afar.

Will Radha tell Krishn about the promise her father made? Will Radha and Krishn overcome this obstacle together? Will Radha marry Krishn? Will Virshbhan go against his daughters wish? Will Radha and Krishn rescue Virshbhan from the embarrassment in the village for not filling his promise made?

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