Radhey will do something eccentric to get money for Krishna’s gift.

Radhey to risk his life for Krishna in Star Plus’ Krishna Chali London

Star Plus’ show Krishna Chali London (Parin Multimedia) depicts the tale of Radhey (Gaurav Sareen) and how he dreams of living a happy and romantic life with his wife.

Radhey wants to give his first gift to his wife. He has spotted a pendant with the word ‘Radhe Krishn’ written on it. He falls short of 10,000 Rs. to buy the same as per the ongoing track.

In tonight’s episode, Radhey will risk his own life to get the money.

As per a reliable source, “Radhey will climb an electric pole in order to earn the bucks, so that he can buy the pendant for his dear wife.”


Will Radhey be in danger? What will happen?

We reached out to the actor, but he was busy.

Watch this space for more updates.

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