Udne Ki Aasha the Star Plus television show produced by Rolling Tales Production has seen the wedding of Tejas (Puru Chibber) and Roshni (Tanvi Shewale) happening amidst drama. We saw how Renuka insulted Sailee (Neha Harsora) and asked her to stay away from the wedding rituals. Sailee along with her family were sent to her room. However, Sachin (Kanwar Dhillon) fought for his wife’s rights and forced Renuka to accept Sailee as a family member. Further, Aaji asked Sailee to participate in every wedding ritual as a daughter-in-law of the house.

The upcoming episode will see a homely ambience after the marriage. The new bride and groom will be seated for their breakfast when Sailee will serve Kanda Bhujiya that she has made. However, Roshni will tell Tejas and Renuka that it is acidity prone and will ask them not to eat it. Instead, Roshni will tell that she will make ABC juice out of veggies Apple, beetroot and carrot for Tejas.

However, after a while, Roshni will direct Sailee to make the juice for them. However, Sailee will guide Roshni that all the fruits and vegetables are present in the house and will ask her to make it for herself. Seeing Sailee giving a fitting reply, Sachin will further mock Renuka asking her too to have juice.

Udne Ki Aasha Ep 118 7th July Written Episode Update

Paresh and Aaji made sure that they supported Sailee after Renuka asked her to stay away from the wedding rituals. Ultimately, Aaji asked Sailee to take part in all rituals as the daughter-in-law of the house.

What will happen next?

Set in a Marathi backdrop, Star Plus shows Udne Ki Aasha to depict a wife’s roadblock in the form of a non-cooperative husband, and her challenge to make him transform for the sake of her and the family’s progress. Kanwar Dhillon essays the character of Sachin, who is a taxi driver and earns his livelihood with it, while Neha Harsora portrays the role of Sailee, a florist who dabbles in various small businesses and makes a living out of her other chores, in the show Udne Ki Aasha.