Vin and Urvashi’s marriage to bring twist in &TV’s Siddhivinayak

Vin and Urvashi’s marriage drama in &TV’s Siddhivinayak

&TV’s Siddhivinayak (B&M Studio) will see a lot of high-voltage drama in the upcoming episodes.

We earlier reported that Urvashi (Roshni Rastogi) managed to trap Vin in her plan. Meanwhile, Siddhi (Farnaz Shetty) and Vin’s (Nitin Goswami) marriage is in trouble as Vin is forced to get married to Urvashi.

In the coming episode, Vin will propose marriage to Urvashi. Both will agree and pandit will be called to match their kundalis. He would give an auspicious day after three days for their wedding. However, Vin will be lost in thoughts of Siddhi.

On the other hand, Siddhi will feel helpless looking at everything that would be unfolding before her. She would beg Vin to not marry Urvashi.

Will the marriage take place? Is this the end of Siddhi-Vin’s love story?

We buzzed Nitin but he was busy shooting for the series.

Watch this space for more updates.

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