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Candid chat with Farnaz Shetty

Arti Singh is a very sweet and understanding girl: Farnaz Shetty

Farnaz Shetty, currently seen in Star Plus show, Kahan Hum Kahan Tum, is enjoying this year’s Bigg Boss show. “I am following it as it has my friends, especially Arti Singh, among other TV actors (Siddharth Shukla, Daljiet Kaur, Devoleena Bhattacharjee etc.)

“I have worked with Arti in &TV show Waaris, but interestingly, we did not speak much during the shoot, as our makeup rooms were quite far from each other. But over time, we have become good friends.”

“She is a very sweet and understanding girl, but yes, needs to judge things for herself before taking the plunge”, says Farnaz, who will soon be seen in a digital product as well.

As regards the recent ugly fight between Rashami Desai and Arti, she says, “You need to understand that she herself is hurting by the entire matka task. Despite that, she did try to patch up things with Rashami, showing her bonafides.”

“Rashami is also a mature person who will not lose her top easily. Sometimes, stuff happens in the Bigg Boss house due to the pressure cooker situation, which is beyond anyone’s control.”

“Since my Kahan Hum Kahan Tum co-star Dipika Kakar Ibrahim was last year’s winner, I reached out to her to find out what makes the Bigg Boss inmates tick, and she said that what you see outside is very different from what really happens inside. This makes sense, for we only see a 45-minute cut,” added Farnaz, who has also done a film Battalion 609, which also starred Dipika’s better half, Shoaib.

Shifting gears to this season’s other contestants like Paras Chabbra, Farnaz says, “I know his girl Akansha Puri very well, and going by their social media posts, it appears that they are very serious about each other. And yet, here he seems to be making time with not one but 2 gals, Mahira Sharma and Shehnaz Gill. Maybe Paras is playing the game.”

Interestingly, Farnaz also accepts that Mahira and Shehnaz Gill too seem to be playing the connection game. “They must have known that Paras is entering, as his name was out. So due diligence demands that they Google him, right? One does not know what their agenda is. It gets very difficult to make a call when the game is on in full swing.”

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