Star Plus’s television show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is produced by Rajan Shahi. The show is gearing up for an interesting drama. As seen so far, Abhira (Samridhii Shukla) and Armaan (Rohit Purohit) once again fight with each other. Soon, they realize they are locked inside the room. Abhira tries to open the door, but the door falls on her, and she becomes unconscious. Armaan takes care of her.

In the upcoming episode, the audience will experience nail-biting drama when Ruhi (Garvita Sadhwani) and Abhira fight for the kitchen. You will see Abhira is all well now, but when she comes to the kitchen, Ruhi restricts her and challenges her. If she wins in ‘Stone, Paper, Scissor, ‘ the kitchen will be under her control. But Ruhi wins the game and prohibits Abhira from entering the kitchen.

Later, Abhira takes the water jug and serves everyone water in her dancing andaaz, which makes Dadisa angry. Dadisa breaks all the glass water and asks Armaan to throw Abhira out of the house and get a divorce. But Armaan asks for some time. Later, while driving, Armaan, lost in his thoughts, meets with an accident. But fortunately, he doesn’t get injured.