The recent episode also witnessed a huge development as Armaan initially threatened to put in his resignation papers if he didn’t hold a press conference to apologise to Abhira – which he didn’t, and hence, Armaan gave his resignation letter.

But the drama doesn’t end there. We all know how Madhav is currently fighting for his life in the hospital and the entire Poddar family is worried about it.

It will so happen that as Madhav goes under surgery in the operation theatre, there will be a major development. The nurse will come out and inform that Madhav has lost a huge amount of blood and his blood group is B negative, which isn’t readily available, but Madhav needs the blood urgently. A tensed Arman is trying his best to contact multiple blood banks and even hospitals but owing to the peculiarity of his blood type, he isn’t able to find the same blood type anywhere. This furthermore has everyone panicked until Abhira brings in some respite as she comes out to reveal that her blood group is B negative and she will donate her blood to Madhav.

Their happiness is short-lived as the doctor informs after taking Abhira’s blood test that her platelet count is very low and hence it would be a huge risk for her to donate blood to Madhav.

Hence, Arman is now left with a perplexing choice of still allowing Abhira to give her blood to Madhav to save his life, or not letting that happen thus risking Madhav’s survival chances. Who will Armaan choose, we will only have to wait and see.