Dilip Joshi interview

In TV industry, it is a boon to be a part of such an amazing show like Taarak Mehta…: Dilip Joshi

The man, Dilip Joshi, needs no introduction.

Better known as Jethalal Gada of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Dilip, who has done several serials and films, is known for his impeccable comic timing.

For the last nine years, Dilip has been entertaining audience with his fun portrayal as Jethalal, and his fun chemistry with Daya has always been the talk of the town.

In conversation with IWMBuzz, Dilip talks about his journey so far and more…

Taarak Mehta is entertaining audiences for a decade now, so how do you guys manage to bring variety to entertain viewers?

I think the credit goes to our producer Mr. Asit Kumar Modi. The script is amazing. To find a topic which is relatable and work on it is a big task. Later, when the ball is in our court, we try to give our best. It is like total commitment of the team. I think when you become popular, the responsibilities double up; as audience expectations are higher,to fulfil their wish we work hard. I feel that is the main key. Even today, we don’t take this for granted and work hard towards it.

What keeps you motivated in life?

It’s pure love, affection and blessings of the audience. Wherever we go, people have only one message that please don’t stop this show. We really love it. There are so many incidents when fans have told me that they all really look forward for 8.30 pm to enjoy the show as it brings a smile on their face. Their blessings and love push us and help us to keep going.

In TV industry, it is a boon to be a part of such an amazing show like Taarak Mehta...: Dilip Joshi 1

What have you learnt from your character Jethalal?

I think the way he takes life as it comes and enjoys every moment. Jethalal also has a certain innocence. No matter what happens, he is child-like. He loves to pull the leg of his neighbours, and at the same time, he is a doting father, son and husband. Hence, there are a lot of things to learn from the character.

Playing the same character for so many years, didn’t you ever feel fatigued?

Of course, when you continuously play the same character, you do feel fatigued. But I just remember the love and blessings of our viewers and that keeps me going. I have to do it for them, no matter how tired I am. The plus point is that it is a comedy show and that keeps us going. The team is amazing and we enjoy off-set moments too.

Why do you think audiences connect with show so much? What is the connecting factor?

I think everybody has something to relate to the show; hence they connect with the show. The younger generation has Tappu Sena, middle-aged people have Jethalal, and other members and oldies have Champaklal. The society that the characters live in represents a mini India. The concept is very brilliant and hence audiences connect easily.

How have you evolved as an actor?

I got to do so many things in this show. I got to sing and dance, which I wouldn’t have done in my career ever. I have done emotional scenes. As an actor, I got to explore every aspect.

What does the Taarak Mehta show mean to you?

It means a lot to me. The show has given me audiences’ adulation, love and blessings. Even monetary wise, it has been good. In the TV industry, it is a boon to be a part of such an amazing show. Even after a decade, the TRPs are amazing. I have nothing to complain as it has given me everything.

In TV industry, it is a boon to be a part of such an amazing show like Taarak Mehta...: Dilip Joshi 3


If not comedy, which other genre would you like to enact?

I would like to do negative roles because that is one shadewhere you get to explore more as an actor.

One fond Taarak Mehta memory…

My idol and god, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, coming to our sets to promote his film and I got an opportunity to be in the same frame as him, was a dream come true.

Are you keen to take up web projects?

Of course, a lot of interesting stuff is happening on the web, so would want to be a part of web shows in future.

Final thoughts for fans

I would like to thank them. Be happy and don’t worry. Don’t indulge in drugs and smoking. Especially for children, respect your elders and our culture. Thank God for everything and take care of your parents.

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