Off-screen masti of the star cast of popular television soap Divya Drishti

Behind the scenes: Divya Drishti star cast off-screen masti

Divya Drishti is an ongoing popular show on Indian television which is related to supernatural drama. It is the story of two sisters, Drishti played by Sana Sayyed and Divya played by Nyra Banerjee, separated by a witch at a young age. Both have been gifted with powers. One can see the future while others can change it. Both of them trust each other with all their hearts and always fight with all the danger together.

The show has become fans’ favorite in a handful of times with fewer episodes airing so far.  The show got an unexpected extension, courtesy its improved ratings.

Recently, Divya aka Nyra Banerjee and Drishti aka Sana Sayyad have been given the option by Laal Chakor to give her the Kaal Vijay Ratan and save their family in exchange. To save their family, Divya and Drishti will take a huge step and will jump from a cliff to end their life. And they jump but are not dead.

Such interesting twists and turns in the plot keep the story going. We love the way both sisters enjoy each other’s company with their respective husbands. The bond they share on-screen is proof that they are in good terms with all off-screen. They also tend to be funny and enjoy a lot with their cast.

Here, take a look at some off-screen mastii by the star cast of Divya Drishti:

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