Anupamaa 19 November 2022 Written Update Ep 746: Anupamaa gets bad vibes and is worried about leaving Anu at camp. Pakhi and Adhik come as neighbors of Shah's house. Anupamaa and Anuj are in big trouble.

Anupamaa 19 November 2022 Written Update Ep 746: Pakhi And Adhik Return To Shah House

Today’s episode of Anupamaa starts with Anuj asking to take a short route or a long route. Anu says that she wants to reach early to her camp so short route. The route is not good, and Anupamaa gets scared. The neighbors of Vanraj ask about Pakhi’s wedding. Vanraj tells them to leave and focus on their house. Adhik and Pakhi leave to enter the new house. Adhik asks her, “Where are they going?” Pakhi tells her to wait and watch. Anuj decides to play songs, but only sad songs are played. Anupamaa is worried and gets bad vibes.

Anu asks what separation is, and Anupamaa explains it. Kinjal and Kavya call the Shah members as Pakhi and Adhik arrive with luggage. Leela tells Pakhi that she can’t enter this house. Pakhi shows her the keys and tells them that Samar knows the keys. Leela asks her about the keys. Anuj and Anupamaa drop Anu at camp. Anupamaa asks the teacher to take care of Anu. Anupamaa gets worried for Anu. Anu comes and hugs them, telling them to come to pick her up. Anupamaa and Anuj spend some quality time enjoying the music and driving.

Pakhi tells Shahs that she has got the keys to Nandini’s house, and now the house is hers. Vanraj asks Pakhi to stay in Shah’s house, but she says that now she will be their neighbor as she wants to prove a lot of things to many people. Anuj and Anupamaa get stuck on the road as a jeep block the road. Anupamaa gets scared and tells Anuj to take a U-turn. The jeep comes to reverse towards their car, and Anuj and Anupamaa get worried.

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