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In Anupamaa Written Update Episode 104 10th November 2020, we see that Anupamaa goes to Kavya’s house to inform Vanraj that his Bapuji is in hospital.

Anupamaa Written Update Ep 104 10th November 2020: Vanraj blames Anupamaa

The episode of Anupamaa starts with Anupamaa agreeing with Bapuji’s angioplasty surgery. Doctor asked her to sign a consent in which it is written that while doing surgery if the person dies then they will not blame the doctor or the hospital. Anupamaa signs the consent.

Baa is worried that Anupamaa doesn’t even know English and it will be difficult for her to make a decision. She asks Dolly to contact Vanraj. Later, Anupamaa tells Toshu and Samar that she signed the consent, now doctors will take Bapuji in the operation theatre. Toshu tells her how she decided without Vanraj. Anupamaa says that Vanraj is not her and she is, and she already took a decision.

The doctors take Bapuji to the operation theatre. The whole family is praying for Bapuji to get well soon. Later, Samar informs Anupamaa that the surgery is done and they can talk to the doctor now. Anupamaa asks the doctor if Bapuji is okay. The doctor says that surgery is done now and they are waiting for the patient to respond.

Meanwhile, Vanraj wakes up and checks his phone. The doorbell rings. Kavya asks Vanraj to open the door as it will be milkman on the door. Vanraj sees 40 missed calls of Toshu and Samar. He opens the door and sees Anupamaa.

Vanraj asks her if she has nothing to do with him then why is she here. Anupamaa says that she is here to take Bapuji’s son. She tells Vanraj that Bapuji suddenly fell unconscious and they had to be taken to the hospital. The family needed Vanraj and he was busy. Anupamaa says that she permitted angioplasty surgery. She doesn’t want that when Bapuji wakes up, his son will not be there around him.

Vanraj scolds Anupamaa for giving consent for the surgery and rushes towards the hospital.

Precap: Anupamaa decides to learn to drive a car. And she tells Vanraj that it’s time to make a decision and not to listen to someone’s decision.

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