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Anupamaa Written Update, Episode 88 22nd October 2020, We see that Kavya is trying to escape and she clashes with Devika and Rakhi. Devika finds Kavya’s earring in Anupamaa's room. Devika doubts Vanraj.

Anupamaa Written Update, Ep 88 22nd October 2020: Anupamaa gets a major shock

The episode starts with Anupamaa seeing Vanraj and Kavya’s romance. Anupamaa faints. Vanraj rushes to Anupamaa. Vanraj asks Kavya to leave and let him handle his wife. Kavya leaves. Vanraj checks Anupamaa’s pulse and breath. Kavya clashes with Devika in a hurry. Devika asks her to be careful. Kavya rushes away. Then Kavya clashes with Rakhi. Rakhi picks flower petals from Kavya’s clothes. Kavya runs away. Devika sees Anupamaa unconscious on the floor, rushes to her. Devika asks Vanraj what exactly happened here, she sees Kavya running out. Kavya then clashes with Nandini. Devika shouts and informs the family that Anupamaa is unconscious. Devika mentions only Vanraj can tell what happened as she found Anupamaa unconscious when she entered the room. Baa yells not to blame Vanraj as Anupamaa must have fallen unconscious due to weakness. Vanraj comes up with a lie and says he was in the bathroom and when he came out he saw Anupamaa unconscious. Devika and Nandini reminisce about Kavya running out. Doctor checks Anupamaa. Doctor says her BP has shot up, looks like she got a major shock. Devika asks everyone to go out and let her be with Anupamaa. The family walks to the living room. Devika finds Kavya’s earring in Anupamaa’s room.

Precap: Anupamaa opens the eyes. Anupamaa panics by recollecting Vanraj and Kavya’s romance.

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