Bepanah Pyaar 30 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see Rahgbir’s mother challenges Peagati that Raghbir would drink on the Janmashtami celebration too.

Bepanah Pyaar 30 August 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Aditi challenges Pragati

Today’s Bepanah Pyaar 30 August episode begins with Raghbir (Pearl Puri) looking at the bottle and touching the aarti plate in Pragati’s (Ishita Dutta) hand as he headed upstairs. Badi Ma told everyone to make sure no one ate non vegetarian or drank alcohol tonight. Gopi and Aditi said they knew it very well. Gopi was sure Raghbir will drink irrespective of anything. Shefali said he didn’t even drink in the pub that night. Aditi was positive he will drink but Pragati saif he won’t. Aditi said she was his mother. She knew him better than her. She had come very recently. Pragati agreed he would feel like drinking but he won’t drink. She had seen changes in him. Aditi challenged her. They will see if her experience wins or her faith. He would not be able to even stand on his feet today in the puja. Raghbir was watching them from upstairs. Pragati smiled. He would be fine.

Aditi, Shalu and Gopi walked away. Harshit told Pragati that her chances of winning seem to be very low. She assured him that she would keep an eye on Raghbir. Nakul, Priya and Shefali supported her in her plan. She will win. Pragati said it won’t be her but her brother’s victory. She trusted him completely. Raghbir was about to open the bottle but Pragati pulled it out of his hand. She needed his help. He suggested her to take help from servants. She disagreed and ran around with his bottle. He gave in seeing her stubbornness but managed to get it back from her hand somehow. She acted to be a lonely, helpless woman. She will do everything on her own. She may fall from the stairs or chair. It was okay if she broke her hand or leg but she will do it alone.

She began to walk away when he agreed to help her. She was way too over dramatic. He will come in ten minutes. She asked him to come right away. He asked for two minutes but she stayed put. He ended up saying wait, two minutes to the bottle and went with Pragati. Aditi and Gopi were miffed with Pragati for her audacity. They should control her by defeating her in this challenge. Gopi said they must make Raghbir drink today at any cost. Raghbir and Pragati came downstairs and the hall was empty. She said she sent them as the function was in their house. He asked her to assign tasks to Nakul, Shefali. She replied that she had already assigned tasks to everyone. Nakul, Shefali and Priya were watching them from upstairs and smiled. She climbed up a ladder and slipped. He held her just in time. Flower petals fell over them. Raghbir asked Pragati if it was comfortable enough. He got on the ladder. Badi Ma messaged Raghbir. He read her text saying whatever happened between them two just now was called feeling. This was the first sign of love. He headed in opposite direction. Pragati decided to keep Raghbir’s mind diverted. Aditi thought Pragati may keep him distracted but he would end up drinking. He fixed one line and said it was done.

She said it wasn’t. He picked the ladder and went about his word. She was having trouble putting a bouquet on the nail when he lifted her in his arms and helped her. Everyone was smiling broadly except Aditi. Raghbir kept troubling her throughout. Pragati received a text and went. Raghbir decided to have a small peg. Shefali thought to stop Raghbir from heading to the bar but Aditi stopped her. It was between her and Pragati. Pragati received a call and offered to meet later. There was a lot to do right now. A curtain fell on Raghbir. He realised that Pragati had just fixed it. He pulled it first and then got on the stairs to fix it. Badi Ma smiled. She told Aditi that they won’t need anyone today. Lord Krishna was with them today. Pragati brought juice for Raghbir but he asked for his special juice. She told him to drink this. She cannot work after drinking that. He gave in seeing her pushy behaviour. He made faces with every sip. Nakul said Bhabhi handled Bhai easily with love. Badi Ma agreed. Their love would unite them today. Aditi got angry. Raghbir and Pragati decorated the temple together. They looked around proudly as the decor was complete. Raghbir said Baani would have been so happy today if she had witnessed it. He went. Pragati got sad. Raghbir’s father said he thought Raghbir won’t drink today. Gopi called it impossible. No Janamashtami had passed without his drinking till date. They placed a bet of Rs. 10000. Harshit and all his siblings were certain Raghbir won’t drink. Gopi advised everyone to wait till five pm. Raghbir looked around emotionally. Baani would have been so happy to see all this.

He had decorated the house beautifully. He should get a prize. He noticed a bottle of alcohol there. Gopi and Shalu peeked at him from far. Gopi said he won’t be able to stop himself today. Shalu added that he must be yearning to drink since morning. Gopi nodded. It was a fresh stock. Shefali, Nakul and Priya joined them. Bhabhi had made Bhaiya so strong. He shouldn’t have done this Mami. Shalu replied that everything was fair in love and war. Raghbir opened the bottle. He was about to take a sip when he recalled his mother and Pragati’s challenge. Badi Ma’s words echoed in his head. He kept the bottle back. Nakul and Shefali gave a high five to each other. Gopi went to implement plan B. He asked Raghbir to help him. He had to gift alcohol to hid friend. Raghbir gave him a bottle from the table. Gopi said he should taste it once to make sure it was good. He poured a glass with Raghbir’s help thinking Raghbir would lose. Aditi told Pragati she will lose. The smile on her face won’t last long. It will disappear. Pragati said time will tell. Aditi said time was neither with her nor Raghbir. She will lose this challenge. She cannot win from her. Pragati asked her if her victory was important than his son changing for good. She might have made a mistake by placing a bet with her but a mother will lose today if she will lose today. The written update of 30 August 2019 Bepanah Pyaar episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Bepanah Pyaar, watch Daadi tells Pragati that she looks like Baani while decorating Krishna. Raghbir and Pragati dance on Radhe Radhe song. Stay tuned!

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