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In Choti Sarrdaarni written update 16th March 2020 episode, Harleen blames Meher. Sarab goes to Sandhu’s and tells that Ginny doesn’t want to marry Peri. Sandhu challenges Meher and she challenges him back.

Choti Sarrdaarni Written Episode Update 16th March 2020: Meher Challenges Sandhu

The episode begins with Sarab consoling Harleen as she is worried about Sandhu as he had told entire Punjab about Peri and Ginny’s wedding. Sarab tells her he will go to Sandhu’s house and explain everything. If he isn’t convinced he will beg him to forgive. Harleen blames Meher. Sarab says everything will be alright. Amrita bandages Meher’s feet. Amrita assures her that truth will be out one day and all misunderstanding will be cleared. Meher says nothing will get solved on its own and truth has to be brought out. She tells Amrita that she will meet Sarab tomorrow and sort out the difference with Sandhu.

The next morning Kulwant knocks on Ginny’s door and asks her to wake up. Ginny says who is yelling in the morning. After seeing Kulwant, Ginny says she wakes up late. Kulwant’s says no problem and she shows her jewellery set and asks how it is. Ginny says it’s tacky. Kulwant wonders what it means and Jeeto says it means very nice. Kulwant asks Jeeto to make breakfast and also get lassi for Bittu. Bittu asks how come she is showing so much love. She says she knew he was the one behind all this but whatever happened it’s for good. Sarab listens to music in the car and remembers Meher. He thinks that despite proof he couldn’t accept that Meher could do any wrong.

Doctor checks Meher and says she is fine. Sarab calls and doctor assures him Meher is fine. Meher goes to Gill house and Param hugs her. Meher sees Harleen who asks her to leave as she has created enough drama already. Meher says she just wants to meet Sarab for a minute. Harleen tells her that Sarab has gone to Sandhu house to apologize. Mrs.Sandhu asks Sandhu to calm down. Mrs.Sandhu sees Sarab and they both welcome him and Sandhu asks about Ginny. Sarab says she is better. Sarab says Ginny loves someone else. Sandhu jokes and further says it’s normal for kids to make mistakes. He asks Sarab to break the guy’s hands and legs. He asks him to see the card. Sarab says the matter is serious as she has eloped on engagement day and they both want to get married. Sandhu gets angry. Sandhu says women are inferior to men. Sarab says he doesn’t believe in controlling women and they have a right to choose. Sandhu says he should have slapped Ginny. Meher sees all this and stops Sandhu. She says how can he insult an honest decent man who had come to apologize for something he has not done. She angrily tells Sandhu that after hearing his thoughts and speech about women she is happy that Ginny isn’t going to be married in this house. Sandhu challenges Meher he will get Peri Married to Ginny. Meher challenges back that she will get Ginny married to Rana tomorrow. Sarab reminds Sandhu that he is talking to his wife and if he misbehaves again he will forget he is elder.

Sarab takes her hand and walks out of the house. At the parking lot, they argue. Meher says she will get the marriage done in her way. Sarab says he too knows what to do in his way. They both walk away from each other. Sarab gets home to see Harleen on a call with Sandhu trying to explain but he disconnects. Harleen blames Meher again and shouts at Sarab. Sarab says Sandhu only told her what Meher spoke but he wouldn’t have told her what he spoke to Meher. Sarab says he saw Sandhu’s true face today. He tells her if she had been there. She would have spoken more than Meher.

Harleen says does he think Sandhu will keep quiet after Meher’s challenge. Sarab says he doesn’t know but they will see. Meher is on her way home in the car. Peri gets a call from his dad and he tells him he anyways didn’t have any interest in that fatty. Sandhu days it is important that he marries her and asks him to come home soon. Meher car stops at a signal and she sees Peri in the car next to her, having a beer and making the girl next to him drink it hugging her.

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