In Choti Sarrdaarni written update 17th March 2020 episode, Kulwant goes to Gill house to invite. Meher asks everybody to start wedding preparation. She shoots Peri’s video with his girlfriend.

Choti Sarrdaarni Written Episode Update 17th March 2020: Meher records Peri’s video

The episode begins with Kulwant asking Ginni to eat pizza and asks to get chutney. Ginni asks Rana is your mother stupid, who eats pizza with chutney. Kulwant thinks once the wedding is done, Ginni, Harleen and her mother will cry and give her dollars. Bittu says to Kulwant that the work she gave him is done and take her aside. He shows her phone records in which one particular number has only incoming and Dolly has never called back. He shows her that this particular number has called Dolly at odd times. Kulwant laughs as she remembers Dolly getting calls during meetings.

Meher asks Jagga to assemble his workers as their house may be attacked by Sandhu. She tells everyone she is getting Rana and Ginni married tomorrow and Sandhu would do anything to stop that. She asks everybody to do the preparations and shopping today itself. Ginni thanks her but she ignores. While Khushi plays on Robbie’s phone, Param asks her to give him the phone to play. She refuses and he says that he used to play on his mom’s phone. Minnie texts that she is coming to India and Param asks Khushi to reply with smilies as he does. She says its bad manners. Sarab comes there and Param asks for his phone but he refuses.

Kulwant goes to Gill house and Param hugs her. She enters and says that they might be mad at her but they have double relation now. Param picks the sweets she got but Harleen stops him, but he eats it anyway. Harleen asks Sarab if he is going to send Kulwant out or should she do it in her own way. Kulwant says come to the wedding for a while. Kulwant says in heart Dolly you see what I do now. Kulwant says Param come see me off. Harleen says wow they have no shame. Param comes there and is about to fall. Sarab picks him. Sarab tells him not to be scared. Param says he isn’t scared as he knows his father is always with him and his mother always tells him that he is their superhero who protects them from any problem. Sarab smiles at him.

Jagga tells Meher his men have surrounded the house and nothing to worry. Bittu shows a video of Peri partying in hotel Marina. Meher thinks to expose Peri in front of Sarab. Dolly gets Blackmailer call and he demands 2 crores as the final instalment. Dolly beg him saying she doesn’t have that much money. Blackmailer tells her then he will sell the photos to another party for 1.5 crores. Dolly asks who is it. He asks her to keep money ready or he will sell her secrets. Dolly wonders who it would be.

Ginni is worried about how Harleen would behave with Kulwant. Rana asks Kulwant if they would come? Kulwant says Dolly will come for sure. Jagga places his men outside. Meher goes to Marina hotel disguised as a waitress and wearing a mask. She serves drinks to Peri and his girlfriend in the pool. Peri tells his girlfriend that he is only marrying Ginni to boost up their lost business as Gill family is very powerful. He assures her that it would be namesake marriage as he will officially be Ginni’s husband but would celebrate wedding nights only with her. Meher records all this her mobile phone and walks away. Peri notices it and coming out of the pool and removes the mask. Meher looks at him stunned.

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