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In Choti Sarrdaarni written update 18th March 2020 episode, Sarab understands that Meher is innocent. Mini returns and asks for money and Kulwant bluffs her by calling Bittu who pretends to be the bank manager.

Choti Sarrdaarni Written Episode Update 18th March 2020: Sarab finds Meher innocent

The episode begins with Peri finds Meher and calls Sandhu and tells him she shot their video. He asks Peri to delete it but she pushes him in the pool and runs. He asks his friends to catch her in any case. Sarab has a flashback of how he and Meher played together and their happy times. He wishes that everything should get back to normal. Sarab doesn’t receive Meher’s call as he is in the washroom. She messages him and Param says he will reply with 2 smileys. Sarab asks has he done it before, he says yes and Sarab remembers Ginny’s engagement day and how Meher tried to tell him.

Ginny asks Rana to get moisturiser. So he asks Amrita for money but she says give Ginny her moisturiser. Rana says she uses an imported one. Meher calls Sarab and asks him to come to the temple near the school. Sarab leaves hurriedly but Harleen stops him. He says Meher is innocent and he made a mistake. He leaves and Harleen thinks why did he go out at night. Kulwant goes with oil but Ginny pushes her hand. Kulwant says when glass breaks its good omen and thinks in mind she will teach Ginny a lesson after marriage.

Kulwant is surprised to see Mini. Mini says she couldn’t stop herself with happiness and got the first flight out. Kulwant says how can a girl get married without her mom being present. Mini says she actually came for money. Kulwant asks what money. Robby says 2 crores she had promised his mother. Sarab arrives at the temple and Meher asks for the charger but as she connects, power goes off. Sarab asks her why she is hiding and from whom. Just then Peri and his friends come and look inside their hiding place with a flashlight. Meher takes Sarab to a corner and stops him from saying anything.

Mini again asks about money and says she agreed to this wedding for money. Kulwant says 2 crores is a big amount. Tomorrow morning she would give the money. Mini asks whether Kulwant has 2 crores in her bank. Kulwant says she has more than that. Rana gestures Kulwant to call. Kulwant says she will call the manager directly. Mini asks her to put it on speaker. Rana gives the phone to Bittu as Kulwant calls. Bittu pretends to be a bank manager and confirm her balance and assets to be around 15 crores. He asks if its anything important. Kulwant says she will come to the bank tomorrow to withdraw 2 crores then disconnects. Mini and Robby leave. As Peri and others continue to search, Sarab shares an eye lock with Meher as they stand close hiding in the corner.

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