In Choti Sarrdaarni written update 19th March 2020 episode, Meher tells Sarab about Peri. Mini finds out Kulwant was bluffing. Sarab apologizes to Meher. Sarab tells Mini about the video.

Choti Sarrdaarni Written Episode Update 19th March 2020: Sarab apologizes to Meher

Meher tells Sarab about Perry. Meher says we have to show this video to Harleen. She would believe us. She tells him to keep the phone with him. Sarab tries to tell her about how he found she is innocent. But he isn’t able to. Minni says we should get 2 crores before the wedding and leave. Robbie forgets his keys inside. Bittu says he acted well and Rana asks Kulwant is she really giving them the money. Mini hears them and says she won’t let the wedding happen. Kulwant says she was joking and Robby believes her. Minni slaps him and says they are losers. They don’t have anything. She calls Ginny and asks her to get home with her. She refuses saying she is an adult and if they try to stop the wedding she will inform the police.

Sandhu scolds Peri as Meher gave him a slip. His manager asks him what to do, he says kidnap Meher. Mrs Sandhu asks him to cal Harleen and talks to her as she will have a way out. Meher falls asleep in the car. Sarab stops the car and looks at her and tells that they have reached. Sarab says looks like you haven’t slept in days either. Meher gets confused. Sarab says thank you for everything. He leaves. Sarab says sorry. Meher recalls what happened.. Sarab says I have hurt you a lot. Param texted Ginni from your phone. Please forgive me as I misunderstood. We will be a team and get this marriage done. Meher says but I will be the captain of the team. Sarab says why? Meher says because I said so. Sarab says good night. Meher leaves. Sarab says I love you Meher. I will confess to you soon.

Mini tells Harleen she doesn’t want the wedding to happen and Robby tells her how Kulwant fooled them. Kulwant tells Rana and Bitu to not let Meher know anything. Meher gets home and tells them Sarab is supporting them for the wedding and hopefully, Harleen will also. Kulwant asks what she did, she says they will know tomorrow. Sarab asks Mini why is she refusing now that the wedding is tomorrow. Harleen says if the girl’s mother isn’t agreeing how will the wedding happen. Sarab says he doesn’t know the reason for Mini saying yes first and no now, but he has a video to expose Peri. Dolly asks what is in it. Sarab says a video on Meher’s phone. Harleen smirks hearing that.

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