In today’s episode of Divya Drishti, we see Divya and Drishti disguise as Ganpati decorators to enter the Shergill House to find out the truth behind Rakshit’s memory loss.

Divya Drishti 07 September 2019 Written Update Full Episode: The Lassi Addiction

Today’s episode of 07 Sept 2019 Divya Drishti starts as we see Drishti and Divya argue amongst them. They take a decision to find the truth behind Rakshit’s memory loss with full planning.

Meanwhile, Rakshit is unable to recognize his family members. Pishachini tells him a fake story of his family’s death in an accident. Pishachini introduces Rakshit with the Shergill family as her own family. Mahima misses for her son, but, Rakshit, is unable to say anything.

After some time we see Divya and Drishti reach the Shergill house in the dressed in the avatars of Ganpati decorators. They also bring a Ganpati idol along with them in the house. They successfully make a fool of Pishachini and enter the house as planners and decorators. They are worried about watching all the happenings in the Shergill house and how Pishachini is controlling the family members.

Drishti tells Divya that they need to properly inquire about the matter and keep looking for clues all over the house. She searches Rakshit and at the end comes in front of him with him but Rakshit, due to his memory loss fails to recognize her and questions her about who she is. Drishti tells him of being a decorator and is here to make arrangements to celebrate festivities.

Rakshit tells her about his condition and even calls Pishachini his wife, listening to which Drishti losses her temper and angrily tells him of her being his wife. Hearing her Rakshit starts smiling. Romi and Ojaswini go to have the special lassi made by Pishachini, Drishti and Divya hear to what they said and follow them.

Drishti reveals herself to Simran and Rashi even Romi is happy to see Divya. Simran, Rashi, and Romi tell them about the lassi addiction they are facing. Drishti and Drishti reveal herself in front of Rakshit but he doesn’t recognize her. She tries to make Rakshit recollect his memories.

We also Pishachini enquiring about Divya and Drishti from the family members by blackmailing them for the lassi. Divya is surprised to see the effects of Drinking Pishachini’s lassi, on the family members. The written update of 07 September 2019 Divya Drishti ends here.

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