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In Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Written Update Season02 Episode 162 09th January 2021, we see that Vansh and Ridhima come to a hotel and spend their night there. Next day, the manager tells Ridhima that she alone came to stay in the hotel.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Written Update S02 Ep162 09th January 2021: Vansh suddenly disappears

The episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 starts with Vansh and Ridhima coming to a hotel. The manager comes and greets them and says that he will get their room keys.

Vansh gets a call so he goes aside while the manager hands over the room keys to Ridhima. A staff member leads them to their room.

Ridhima says that the hotel has decorated their room just like a honeymoon suite. Ridhima then sees that Vansh’s hand is bleeding and asks him if he is hurt.

Ridhima says that she knows that Vansh is angry. Ridhima says that soon she will prove herself innocent. Ridhima then says that there is only one person who can prove her innocence and she is Sia.

Ridhima says that Sia knows everything about her and when Sia will recover, then she will tell Vansh the truth.

Vansh then asks Ridhima to get ready as they need to go out to have dinner.
Vansh gets ready and is startled to see Ridhima in a black sari. Ridhima then tells Vansh that she loves the weather and have never been to such a place.
Vansh then lights fire to keep their room warm. Ridhima comes from behind and hugs him. Ridhima then sees a guitar and says that she will play a song for Vansh.

Ridhima sings a song for Vansh. They both go out in the snow and have a sweet moment.

A box falls off from Vansh’s pocket. Ridhima picks it, opens it and is surprised to see a ring. Ridhima wears the ring and says that it is very special for her and she will never let this ring go off from her.

Next morning, Ridhima wakes up and sees that Vansh is not beside her. She waits for some time and then goes out to check.

Ridhima asks the manager if he saw her husband. The manager says that Ridhima alone checked in to the hotel. Ridhima is left worried.

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