The episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 starts with Angre giving the recording to Vansh. Vansh sees the recording of Ridhima telling the 6hr secret. After watching the video Vansh realises that Ridhima made a deal with Chang to give him Diamonds and destroy Vansh’s empire in exchange for a safe place for her and Vansh. Vansh holds his head, Ridhima wakes up and asks how did they come here. Vansh, tell her that he came to know about her 6hr secret. Ridhima asks what he means. He shows her the video and tells her that she made a deal with his enemies. Ridhima says that she was going to tell him. Vansh says she cheated on him by going to his enemies. He told her that he would protect her and the baby. She didn’t trust him. Ridhima says that he was shot in the jungle. She didn’t know what to do. She had to protect him. Vansh says he wished he would have died that they, at least he wouldn’t see his wife dealing with his enemies. Ridhima says that she loves him and did it to protect him. Vansh says that love means to trust and have faith. He says she made me feel small in front of his enemies.

Ridhima says that she trusts him a lot. Vansh says how can she think that his enemies would be her friend. He says that now he realized that another word for love is cheating. Ridhima says that she didn’t cheat on him. Vansh says that his feelings for her are burned to ashes, she has lost all his love. Ridhima says don’t say that or she will die. Vansh throws a glass. He gets hurt and starts bleeding. Ridhima goes behind him with a first aid box. She tells him to show his wound. He tells her to leave him alone. Ridhima says that he can punish her for her mistake. Vansh says that he can’t see her hurt. Ridhima stops Vansh from drinking. The glass falls down and Ridhima hurts her finger. Vansh gets worried and asks her to show her wound. She says it’s nothing compared to what she has done to him. He makes her sit down and dresses her wound. Ridhima puts first aid on his wound as well. Ridhima wakes up in shock. Vansh hugs her. She says that she had a really bad dream. She says he was really angry with her. Vansh says she can convince him by making aloo paratha. Ridhima thanks God that it was a dream. Ridhima orders aloo paratha for Vansh.