Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 29 July 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Rohit sent a court notice to Sonakshi and starts planning to convince him.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 29 July 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Sonakshi devises a plan

Today’s Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 29 July episode begins with Sumit rebuking Sonakshi (Deepika Kakar). He asked how she can accuse him that he had done that with Pooja. She said she was working with him since three years, she played the role of his wife and did thousands of scenes with him, her doubt was right, and he had done this. He said any ordinary man will react like this. She said she will see him and get him punished in a way that he remembered. He said don’t instigate him; he will do a cheaper thing than this cheap blame. Netra came and asked them two started arguing. He said ask Sonakshi about it. She said she handled everything but she needed to run this show. Sonakshi said really sorry, this was their personal matter, she will handle it her way, this won’t happen again. Netra said come to her room; she needed to discuss something important.

Sonakshi said his crime was reflecting in his eyes, Sumit had done this. Netra got angry and asked everyone to sit. She said there will be much stress, their TRP fell down. Sumit said he knew this track won’t work. Netra said it fell down because of cricket matches, the other channel was getting a good show, she sat and discussed the changes in the episodes, they had to shoot some scenes again, the channel won’t pay them, there was an earthquake and flood scene, they had to work harder, no one will get leaves. Sultan said they will work in double shifts. Sonakshi said they will work hard. Sumit said he always stood by her, she barely shows him in the show, she had hired a star, make him work. Netra asked shall she narrate him the story.

Rohit saw Yash and went to talk to him. He asked if his mom was fine. Yash saud yes, but he had a fight with Nishi. Rohit said everything would be fine. Yash said he told that in anger. Rohit asked what. Yash said Pooja wasn’t his daughter. Rohit (Karan Grover) got shocked. He went and shut the door. He asked isn’t Pooja his daughter, how could he say that. Yash said ask Nishi, he felt Pooja’s pain, his mom was serious, and what wrong did he do to visit his mom. Rohit said no, saying this was your mistaken, when he learnt this, he was shocked, he never told it to anyone, it was not done, Pooja didn’t know this. Yash said he was sorry; this incident had started ruining things. Rohit said Sonakshi and her family was responsible for this, he found a way to teach her a lesson. Suman said how he dare shoot with Pooja, why should they be sympathetic; she will ask Sonakshi to talk to Tushar. Sonakshi didn’t answer the call.

Netra narrated the scene. Sunita got Suman’s call for Sonakshi. Sonakshi said she was in urgent meeting, she can’t talk right now. Suman said she didn’t call to discuss the weather, they will meet Amrita, she made the contract, and she will fulfill it. Maid said someone gave this envelope. Suman said she will read it later. Pari picksled it and said it had the court’s stamp, read it once. Suman checked and got shocked. Sonakshi came home and asked why it was so dark. She saw Suman and Pari. Suman gave her the notice. Sonakshi got shocked. She read 15 crore. Rohiy had filed a defamation case on us, how can Rohit do this. Pari said they had to go to court. Rohit asked Rohan was Yash at home, was everything fine. Patient’s daughter stared at him. Patient Mr. Desai said he was fine now, he was thinking to visit the temple, and he was an amazing doctor. Rohit said all their reports were fine. The girl said Rohit was handsome too, she meant he was a good doctor, when shall she come back. Rohit said never, Mr. Desai had to come after 3 months.

Mr. Desai asked Rohit to take Snehal on a date. Snehal gave Palak paneer to Rohit and said she had made it for him. Mr. Desai said he and Snehal’s pairing will be good. Rohit saud thank you so much, he won’t let him forget. Snehal asked Rohit’s personal number; it can be of help in emergency. Rohit said of course, note down. He gave the nurse’s number and said call up after 11, they shall talk. Snehal went. Nurse asked why he gave her number. He said so that she called her, she have his number and then resigned, palak paneer enjoy. She asked what her fault was. Lawyer said Deepa was a sharp lawyer, there was a hearing tomorrow, they can’t prepare; she shouldn’t get involved in this. Suman said how they will arrange 15 crores, Sippys always played with police and lawyers. Netra said they know Sonakshi didn’t do anything, it was a court summon.
onakshi said she thought they should tell truth to Rohit, he didn’t answer his call. She called him by Pulkit’s phone. Rohit answered. She said it was me Sonakshi. He ended call and said she should tell it in the court. Suman worried. Netra said she had an idea, it was melodramatic.

Suman said tell me, at least their money will get saved. Rohit was on the way. Deepa called him and asked about Sonakshi. He said she was calling often, he didn’t talk. She said she kept the hearing tomorrow, the fast tract court will pass the verdict, Sonakshi will have to confess her crime, she will be punished. He said yes, he was reaching home, let’s talk during dinner. Pari said Netra was saying nonsense, she was not going to confess anything, and the blame will come on her. Suman asked will they leave Pari if she said she changed the dress, her career will end.
onakshi said if they learned this from anything else, they will think Pari did wrong, if they tell them, they would think they were honest. Suman said Pari won’t confess. Sonakshi asked lawyer Verma to explain them. Verma said she was right, if they heard Pari’s confession and believe it, they can get saved. Sonakshi said she was worried for her career too, but being honest isllwas never easy, please mumma, four years ago, they were in such a dilemma, she had suppressed the truth, she had seen the consequences, and she didn’t want that to be repeated. The written update of 29 July 2019 Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, watch Sonakshi reaches the Sippy’s building and decides to meet Rohit. Rohit mocks her. Stay tuned!

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