In Kasautii Zindagii Kay written update 17th March 2020 episode, Prerna enters Anurag’s room and recalls their past and says she will snatch everything from him. Mr Bajaj threatens Anurag that Prerna is coming after him. Mohini is worried about Prerna targeting them.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Episode Update 17th March 2020: Mr Bajaj warns Anurag

The episode begins with Komolika asking Mr Bajaj why he got Prerna here. He says is she scared that Anurag will leave her for Prerna. She says Anurag being with her is enough even if he doesn’t love her. Mr Bajaj says a person and situation can’t be trusted. Prerna recalls her past and goes to Anurag’s room as she stumbles with a waiter. She sees Anurag and Komolika’s picture and has a flashback about their past. Prerna says that she will snatch away everything from him.

Anurag sees Mr Bajaj and asks why he came here. Mr Bajaj says if not partners, then as guests to celebrate Prerna’s new beginnings. Anurag says why did he get Prerna when he is aware of what he can do to Prerna. Mr Bajaj says she isn’t the old Prerna, she is his rival now. Anurag asks him to leave the city before he regrets but Mr Bajaj says his Prerna isn’t weak and he isn’t sorry about what is about to happen with him. Mohini enters Anurag’s room and sees Prerna and asks why she came here. She says she has no right to ask her anything and leaves with a wicked smile. Mohini gets worried.

Anurag catches a stumbling Prerna. Nivedita asks her to stay away from their house. Anurag recalls Prerna. Kaushik and Kuki tell about each other to Anurag and Prerna respectively. On the other hand, Mohini discusses with Nivi, Rakhi and Tapur about Anurag and Prerna. She reveals to Rakhi that Prerna gave birth to Bajaj’s child. Komolika interrupts and asks if they think Prerna’s next target is going to be her.

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