In today's episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi Made In India we see how the champions appreciate the covid warriors

Khatron Ke Khiladi Made In India 15th August Written Update: A Tribute To Corona Warriors

Today’s episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi is a tribute to the corona warriors as we see various special people. First the champions are introduced to the first warrior, a police officer. Later we see the start of the first stunt of the day, it is a partner stunt, partners are decided and Nia and Harsh performing together, also Bharti and Karan Wahi are seen as partners. Harsh and Nia start this weekend as they perform the first stunt for this weekend. Being the first ones to perform, they face a few difficulties while performing this stunt, but they manage to complete it. Wahi and Bharti are the next partners to perform this stunt. The start off on a great note and complete the stunt. The results tell us Harsh – Nia have taken 6 minutes and 20 seconds and Bharti – Wahi have taken 5 minutes and 40 seconds. So, Harsh and Nia are the losers and get the fear phunda.

Before the second stunt Champions are shown a VT of a 85 year old lady with unique talent. Time for the next stunt, another partner stunt. Involving Jasmine – Jay and Aly-Karan Patel as the partners of the stunt. Jasmine and Jay are the first ones to start with this gutter stunt. But as the stunt starts Jasmine finds it difficult to go ahead. Hence they switch places. But, the stunt isn’t that easy to go ahead with. Jasmine finds it really difficult to move ahead in the slippery tunnel. The time is up and Jasmine is not even able to collect the first key. Patel and Aly are the next to go in. Here the real test is for Karan Patel for his claustrophobiab and he is not able to overcome and aborts the stunt even after Aly is successful in collecting the first key. Hence they get fear phunda because Jay and Jasmine stayed with the stunt till the end for 20 minutes and Karan aborted the stunt.

Next a doctor who actively took part in the fight against covid-19 is introduced to the contestants.Time for the final stunt of the day, a truely dynamic stunt. Jay – Bharti and Wahi – Jasmine are paired up for this stunt. Jay and Bharti are the first and start really well and remove 5 flags. Jasmine and Wahi go in next and remove 7 flags. So Bharti and Jay get the fear phunda.

Tomorrow we will see all them compete and one of them will get eliminated.
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