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In today's episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi We see Bharti, Aly and Karan Patel perform the final stunt and Karan Patel gets eliminated

Khatron Ke Khiladi-Made In India 16th August Written Update:  Karan Patel Is Eliminated

Today’s Khatron Ke Khiladi Made In India starts as we see Rohit Shetty introduce ‘UdiBaba’ to the contestant and after some fun among themselves the first partner stunt for the day is explained to them. Jay and Harsh also Bharti and Karan Patel are partnered for this stunt. Jay and Harsh are the first to perform. Jay is on the cycle and Harsh catches the stunt. Jay works really hard till the time for the stunt ends as driving the cycle is really tiring. Just like Jay we see Karan also feeling tired while riding the cycle during the stunt. The results tell us that Harsh -Jay have collected 10kg fish while Bharti-Patel have gotten only 3kg. This gets Harsh and Jay free of the Fear Phunda.

Time for the next stunt, a totally new one. The performers have to complete a sequence or set of cards while in a tank full of water. Nia goes in first to perform. After facing some difficulties in water she finally completes the stunt. Aly gets in the tank, next he starts very fast but as he goes ahead he drops a lot of cards while doing the stunt. But eventually completes the stunt. Results decide Nia as the winner hence she gets rid of the Fear Phunda.

Jasmine plans to prank Aly and Wahi but they in return prank her with the help of the crew. Now it is time for the elimination stunt. The performers are supposed to sleep in a chamber filled with tear gas. The one to stay least in the chamber will be eliminated from the show today. All the three contestants Aly, Karan and Bharti give their best in the stunt, but unfortunately Karan Patel is the one to stay the least inside the box and hence he bids adieu to the show.

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