The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Sonakshi going to Dev. She massages his head and asks if everything is okay. Dev says he is not okay when Sonakshi is not near him. Sonakshi sits on his lap. Dev picks her up and takes her to their bed. Sonakshi apologises and says tomorrow Soha’s school has a holiday, so she will go the next day to Soha’s school for Ayush’s admission. Dev tells Sonakshi that he has promised Mr & Mrs Verma that he will take care of Ayush’s study. Sonakshi asks Dev if he met them. Dev says he went to take Ayush’s legal papers. Sonakshi asks what did they say. Dev says they lost their son, so need some time to think.

The next day, Sonakshi comes to Soha’s room. She sees Soha’s bed messed and other the other side she sees Ayush bed neet and clean. She sees a pic in which Ayush is cooking with Rohit. She gets an idea to get friendly with Ayush. Ayush comes there. Sonakshi tells Ayush that she is making pizza and needs help. She asks Ayush if he will help her. Ayush agrees. They go into the kitchen.

Sonakshi asks Ayush if he knows to cook. Ayush says he can make instant noodles. Ayush and Sonakshi make pizza together. Ishwari and Mamiji get happy. Ishwari thinks that she needs to keep Soha away from them so that mother and son get free from each other. Ishwari goes to Soha and distracts her.

Later, Dev calls Sonakshi and says he is free and wants to take her on a date. Sonakshi asks him to meet at 3 pm at a cafe. Dev gets busy with his works and forgets about their date. Sonakshi waits at the cafe for Dev. Dev is busy talking to his employee.