The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Sonakshi coming home and asking Ishwari where Soha is. Ishwari tells Sonakshi that Soha is staying at Vicky’s house with Golu. Sonakshi says Soha will enjoy it with Golu for a while. Sonakshi says that she has done shopping for Ayush and gives him some toys. Ayush gets happy and says thank you, aunty. Ishwari asks Ayush to call Sonakshi, Mumma. Ayush says Sonakshi is his aunty and goes away. Sonakshi says when Ayush will feel like, he will call her, Mumma. Sonakshi goes back to her room. Ishwari says that she is glad that Soha is staying at Vicky’s house, now Ayush and Sonakshi will get some time to spend with each other. Ishwari hopes Ayush accepts Sonakshi as his mother.

Dev returns home. He sees Ayush playing with skaters and asks who bought it. Ayush says Sonakshi bought it. Dev thinks Sonakshi is trying to get close to Ayush. Dev asks him where Soha is. Ayush says Soha has gone to Golu’s house. He asks Dev when Soha will come back. Dev asks if he is missing Soha. Ayush says Soha mentioned that Dadi doesn’t love her. Dev says Dadi loves Ayush and Soha equally, as she used to love him and his sister. Dev says he and his sisters used to stay like friends and enjoy a lot. Ayush says Soha is not his friend and leaves.

Sonakshi calls Bojay and asks him to come with her to Soha’s school as she is going to do Ayush’s admission. Bojay agrees. Soha tells Golu some horror stories. Golu gets scared. Alena
gets busy talking to a stalker. Golu takes her mobile. Alena takes her phone back and asks Golu and Soha to sleep.

The next day, Dev, Sonakshi and Bojay go to do Ayush’s admission. The principal asks Ayush to introduce himself. Ayush says he is Ayush Rohit Verma. The principal gets shocked and asks his mother’s name. Ayush says Minal Rohit Verma. Dev asks Bojay to take Ayush out and explain everything to the principal. The principal says she can do Ayush’s admission only if his legal parents or guardians are with him.

Dev takes Ayush to Mr & Mrs Verma’s house. He asks Mr Verma if he can sign the legal adoption papers. Mr Verma says they have only Ayush after Rohit and they want Ayush to study with Rohit’s name as his father, at least for a year. Dev worries.