The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Dev giving the box to Sanjana saying Maa sent it. She says it’s hot and opens it. She is amazed to see that it’s halwa. She says his mom is really caring as she made her eat homemade biscuits yesterday and sent this today. She says he is very lucky. Dev says there was no need for her to get the grocery items as she has already got herself in lots of trouble. Sanjana says she felt nice meeting his family and enjoyed playing with Shuv. She says he has a lovely family. Dev tells her to not feel alone in the city as they are there for her. Dev leaves, Sanjana thinks she only needs him to be with her. Bijoy gets to know from Jitin that Dev and Sonakshi are going to the marriage counsellor, which worries him. He calls Ishwari and asks why no one tells him about marriage counselling. Ishwari even found out a few days ago.

Ishwari tells Bijoy to not worry as Dev and Sonakshi are fine. She says this is what relationships are all about. Sometimes there is a need to be angry or suspicious. This makes a strong relation. Sonakshi comes and asks what he is doing. Ishwari ends the call saying she wanted to make a grocery list but can’t find her diary. Sonakshi tells her to not worry as she can use her phone to write down the list. She shows her how to speak and the phone will write it down. Ishwari says her modern daughter in law is making her modern. They both laugh and enjoy themselves. Dev comes home and gets happy seeing Ishwari and Sonakshi having fun together. They are playing hide and seek and Shuv is counting with his head against the wall. Dev pulls Sonakshi behind the curtains.

She asks what he is doing, to which he says spending more time with her. Dev asks Sonakshi what she was doing with Maa. She says spending time with her. She says Maa was happy when she taught her how to make a list on her mobile. Sonakshi remembers she has to visit her father’s house to teach him something. Dev says he will do it even if he needs to spend time with him. Shuv finds them both, Soha and Aayush come running. They all enjoy themselves together. Sonakshi tells Dev to give her his hand so that she can cut his nails. Rena gets coffee for Sanjana. A show about one-sided love starts on the radio. Rena tells her to close it but Sanjana says it’s about her.

Sonakshi is cutting Dev’s nails when Sanjana calls the RJ to share her story. Sanjana says she is in love with a man who has a family and loves his wife a lot. Sonakshi feels she has heard the voice somewhere, She asks Dev who says he has no clue. The RJ tells Sanjana that it must be heartbreaking for her. Sanjana says she does not worry about what he feels for her as all her feelings are just for him. Sonakshi tells Dev she feels bad for her. But Dev disagrees saying he feels bad for the guy as he doesn’t even know. In the morning Mona brings cupcakes for Sanjana mentioning it is her wedding anniversary. Sanjana asks her about her love story. Mona says her husband was her classmate but he was shy. So on the last day of college, she found the courage to express her love for him and they got married later Sanjana thinks one-sided love never causes pain as it is a sign of hope