Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 24 May 2019 Written Update of today’s episode Chandan forces Kulfi to sing. Naani questions Nandini about Bhola.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 24 May 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Nandini gets into a dilemma

Today’s episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 24 May 2019 written update begins with Kulfi noticing
that Sikander has Nimrat’s special handkerchief.When he cleans his shoes with that same handkerchief, it only solidifies her belief that theperson is not the real Sikander.

Lovely and Kulfi are talking. Lovely tells Kulfi about Sikander’s accidents and tells her that the
doctors had to reconstruct his face. She tries to assure Kulfi that she is misunderstanding Sikander. But Kulfi is confident about the person is not her father, Sikander. Bhola, Nandini and Pakhi spend good time with each other.

Next morning, Kulfi is woken up with Sikander’s voice. When she goes to check the music room, she finds Sikander there. Chandan tells Kulfi to go get ready. Pakhi reaches home after school. Bhola is with her but hidden inside a sac. Pakhi is upset about not being invited to a schoolmate’s birthday party. She says so to Nandini.

Pakhi’s grandmother visits them. Bhola introduces himself as Pakhi’s father and Nandini’s
husband. Naani is unhappy about the marriage. Bhola tries to calm her down. Nandini asks
Bhola and Pakhi to leave them alone a bit. Pakhi and Bhola are talking when she tells him that they are very poor and Nandini doesn’t even have money to wear specs.

Chandan and Kulfi go for recording. Kulfi has difficulty singing. Nandini explains the situation to Naani. Naani is upset and questions Nandini what she’ll do if Bhola starts regaining his memory back.

The client at recording studio is upset with Chandan. Chandan in turn threatens Kulfi.
Today’s Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 24 May 2019 written update ends here.

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