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Kullfi Kumar Bajewala 25 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Kulfi is not being able to sing or even speak when Sikander asks her to start Riyaz and this worries Sikander.

Kullfi Kumar Bajewala 25 April 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Kulfi can’t speak

Today’s Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 25 April episode begins with Lovely trying to convince Amyra (Myra Singh) but Amyra states that she cannot bear Sikander (Mohit Malik) spending time with Kulfi (Akriti Sharma)  Sikander gets tensed about Kulfi but then Lovely consoles Sikander by saying that she will keep a check on Kulfi.

Kulfi avoids eating anything. Lovely gives Prasad to Rocket and asks him to feed Kulfi. Kulfi happily eats the prasad. Sikander starts his riyaaz with Benaam group. Sikander asks Kulfi to sing along with him.

He motivates Kulfi to sing the song by advising her to sing for the sake of her friends. Kulfi fails to speak or sing anything. Mia gets panicky when she learns that Kulfi has lost her voice.

Sikander asks Kulfi to speak and then she has to write on her notebook that she is not able to speak despite trying hard. Kulfi breaks down in tears. Sikander says he will call the doctor.

The doctor informs Sikander that Kulfi has lost her voice because of trauma. She says if Kulfi will not get her voice back in 48 hours then she will not be able to speak ever. Lovely praises Amyra for singing well. Amyra gets happy on learning about Kulfi’s voice loss. The written update of 25 April 2019 Kulfi Kumar Bajewala episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode watch how Sikander tries to get Kulfi’s voice back. Stay tuned!

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