Kumkum Bhagya 10th October 2022 Written Update S-01 Ep-2237: Prachi calls the massage parlor and tells them that she is Rhea’s assistant and asks them about Rhea’s massage confirmation. The receptionist confirms Rhea’s appointment. Prachi thinks that Rhea wants to abort her child but she will not let her do it.

In today’s Kumkum Bhagya episode, Shahana and Aryan collide with each other and start fighting. Shahana tells Aryan to see properly while walking and not look at his phone. Aryan tells Shahana to behave herself. Shahana tricks Aryan and tells him to say sorry to her. Aryan sees Sid and Shahana together and tells Shahana to not be friends with Sid as he is not worth it. Shahana tells Aryan to keep quiet as he doesn’t know anything. Aryan tells Shahana that she is still a kid. Sid tells Aryan to shut up as he doesn’t know the truth. Aryan tells Sid that he doesn’t even want to talk to Sid as he is the worst man he has encountered in his entire life who is destroying his friend’s, brother’s, and sister’s life. Shahana tells Aryan to be quiet as he doesn’t know the truth. Aryan tells Shahana that he knows everything and Sid is the real culprit.

Then in Kumkum Bhagya, Shahana tells Aryan that Sid is lying to everyone as Alia and Rhea have kidnapped his sister Mihika and if Sid doesn’t do as Alia and Rhea are telling him to do then they will kill Mihika. Rhea, Ranbir, and Prachi come there and hear everything. Rhea says no no and tells Sid that he spoiled their plan and she makes a phone call and tells him to kill Mihika. Shahana says no to Rhea as it is not Sid’s mistake it is her fault. Shahana comes back to reality and realizes that she was just dreaming. Ranbir and Prachi ask the doctor what is wrong with Rhea’s pregnancy. Rhea gets scared as she fights with her doctor friend and her friend might reveal the truth to everyone. But the doctor saves Rhea by lying that Rhea’s pregnancy has some complications and she will check Rhea and tell. Rhea and the doctor go behind the curtain. Ranbir tells Prachi to sit and he goes to get her water.

Lastly in Kumkum Bhagya, Prachi sees Rhea’s phone and Rhea receives a message about her massage confirmation and notes down the number. The doctor gives a fake stomach to Rhea and then they come out and the doctor tells Ranbir to take good care of Rhea as she is under a lot of stress. Ranbir says that he will do it and they all come out. Rhea thanks her doctor friend. They come out and see Shahana and Aryan fighting. Ranbir makes them calm down and they leave to go home. Prachi calls the massage parlor and tells them that she is Rhea’s assistant and has called to confirm the timing. The receptionist confirms Rhea’s appointment and when Prachi asks about Alia’s appointment, the receptionist tells her that there is no appointment booked for Alia Khanna. Prachi thinks that Rhea wants to abort her child but she will not let her do it. Ranbir sits in the car and Rhea comes and sits beside him. Ranbir gets out of the car and tells Aryan to drive his car and take Rhea and Sid home. Ranbir takes Prachi and Shahana home.

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