Kumkum Bhagya Written Update S-01 Ep-2224 23rd September 2022: Ranbir lies to Prachi that he has no feelings for her and she should get married to Sid. He drives faster drinking alcohol and breaks down in tears thinking that he cannot live without Prachi.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update S-01 Ep-2224 23rd September 2022: Ranbir feels devastated

In today’s Kumkum Bhagya episode, Prachi questions Ranbir’s feelings by gaining much courage. Ranbir is hurt that Prachi isn’t having a clear mind about their relationship. He says that he doesn’t know how she got such a question in her mind, but when she has asked it, then he will answer her. He dismisses all the feelings that were shaking his heart before she came to him. He says that he has no feelings for her, he would have saved any girl in her place by doing the same thing. She wants to believe what he told her before. He asks her to believe what he is saying right now, knowing a person doesn’t lie when he is drunk. They both hide their tears from each other. He says that he doesn’t love Prachi now. His heart wants Prachi, but he lies to himself that Prachi isn’t of him now. He convinces his heart that Prachi is someone else now.

Then in Kumkum Bhagya, Ranbir leaves from there and comes out with a bottle of alcohol and drives the car very fast. Prachi feels devastated. Ranbir drinks alcohol and recalls Sid’s words about liking Prachi’s words and their baby. He drives on the wrong side and hits his car. He comes out of the car and breaks down thinking about how he will survive without Prachi. He says that he is incomplete without Prachi. Neither can he live nor can he die without Prachi. Sod comes to find where Prachi is. Prachi comes and tells him to leave as she doesn’t want to see his face. Sid apologizes to Prachi for everything. She says that now the injury is done and it cannot be healed. She blames him for breaking her love life. She tells her she accepted him as a brother and loved him as a brother but he betrayed him. She asks him why he falsely accused her wrongly in front of everyone.

Later in Kumkum Bhagya, Sid can’t tell what he thinks about Mihika’s life. Prachi calls him a liar. Alia comes there and listens to their conversation. She calls Sid and he leaves from there. Alia taunts Prachi. Prachi shuts the door. Later Rhea comes into Prachi’s room with a new saree for her engagement. Rhea wishes her all the best and leaves from there. Prachi comes behind her and asks her why she brought her the saree when she knows that she won’t marry Sid. Prachi asks Rhea why she is so mean to her. Rhea lashes at her telling her that she is mean to her as she snatched Ranbir and Sid both from her life. Prachi claims that she has done nothing like this. Shahana comes there and listens to their conversations. Rhea claims that Prachi is not good luck but bad luck for Ranbir. Shahana taunts Rhea for destroying everyone’s happiness. Rhea and Shahana start fighting. Prachi stops them and tells Rhea that she has no feelings for Ranbir anymore. Rhea tells Prachi to prove it by getting engaged to Sid.

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