Kundali Bhagya 11th October 2022 Written Update S-01 Ep-1350: Rishabh tears the legal papers of business collaboration in front of Rakhi and Preeta. He tells them that they don’t want to keep any relationship with Arjun. Rakhi apologizes to Preeta for not believing her. Arjun decides to take revenge on Rishabh and Prithvi.

In today’s Kundali Bhagya episode, Preeta tells Rishabh that Arjun planned out the accident and which is criminally wrong. Rishabh apologizes to Preeta for not listening to her. Preeta tells Rishabh to not be too innocent as people take advantage of him. Preeta tells Rishabh to be practical and show his emotional side less as if something would have happened to him then she and Kavya would have shattered completely. Rishabh agrees with Preeta. Arjun knocks at Sherlyn’s house in anger. Sherlyn opens the door and Arjun enters and calls out to Prithvi. Sherlyn tells him that Prithvi is not here. Arjun tells Sherlyn that he can read from her face that she is lying. He knows that Prithvi is an idiot and he is hiding in this house. Sherlyn tells Arjun to calm down. Arjun screams and tells Prithvi that he will never leave him and make his life hell. Arjun tells Prithvi that he is his biggest rival. Arjun leaves their house angrily.

Then in Kundali Bhagya, Sherlyn tells Prithvi to come out and she tells Prithvi that Arjun was so angry with him and she warns Prithvi that whatever steps he will take forward against Arjun he should be cautious. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that Arjun can’t do anything to him. Anjali sits in her room and she gets emotional while recalling whatever happened at the Luthra house. Arjun comes there and asks Anjali why is she crying. Anjali hugs Arjun and tells him that she has never seen anyone raise their voice against Arjun and Preeta dared to slap him. She tells Arjun that today was the worst day of her life. Arjun tells her to calm down and he tells her that now that damage is done and they are his family and he is not mad at them. He is angry with Rishabh and now he will destroy Rishabh completely. Arjun says that he will treat Rishabh so badly that he can’t even imagine it.

Lastly in Kundali Bhagya, Rishabh is sitting at the table with legal documents. Rakhi enters the room and asks Rishabh what he is doing. Rishabh tells Rakhi and Preeta that these are the legal collaboration papers for their business partnership with Arjun and he tears them apart and says that now they don’t want any relationship with Arjun. Rakhi goes to Preeta and apologizes to her and tells her that she made a mistake in identifying Arjun. Preeta tells Rakhi that she did not make any mistakes. Arjun was fake and they are real and he took advantage of it. They hug each other. Srishti gets emotional thinking that she lost Karan jij and now she can’t afford to lose Rishabh jij. She decides to find the reason why Arjun wants to kill Rishabh as there will definitely be a reason behind it. The next morning Rakhi tells Rishabh and Sameer not to go to the office as tomorrow is Karwa Chauth so, they have to take their wives for shopping. Arjun also takes Anjali shopping at the same place.

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