Kundali Bhagya 17th October 2022 Written Update S-01 Ep-1354: Preeta asks Arjun why he follows her wherever she goes. She asks him what he wants from them. She tells him that he doesn't have anything else to do in his life rather than stalking them. He tells her he has nothing as she snatched everything from him. Preeta stands shocked as to why Arjun said like this.

Kundali Bhagya 17th October 2022 Written Update S-01 Ep-1354: Arjun blames Preeta for his loss

In today’s Kundali Bhagya episode Rishabh tells Preeta that Arjun is here to snatch the deal from him but he has full confidence in him and his work and he knows his worth. Rishabh tells Preeta that she is keeping fast for him and she needs to take special care of herself and he doesn’t want to take tension about the deal and the meeting. He tells her not to take stress as he will handle everything. Preeta tells him that she is fine. At the Luthra mansion, all the ladies perform the Karwa Chauth rasam. Srishti feels sad as she is hungry but can’t eat anything because of the wrath. Sameer says that Karwa Chauth should come not only once a year but 7-8 times in a year. Srishti asks him why is he thinking like this so that she may keep feeling hungry and keep fast for him. Shrishti tells Sameer not to get too excited as she is going to break the fast soon and she will eat so much and will also eat him. Sameer thinks from where does Srishti bring all this anger.

Then in Kundali Bhagya, Rakhi and Biji ask Srishti why she is sad as she is keeping fast for only one day. Biji tells Rakhi that even though she looks sad, she keeps smiling. Kritika gets sad seeing them and Mahesh comes to her and tells her that he is very proud of her S she is the only lady who has not ruined their husband’s life. Rakhi comes there and asks Mahesh what he was talking about. Mahesh lies that he was only telling Kritika that Rakhi is looking very beautiful. Rakhi tells Manish to stop lying as she knows that he and Rishabh can never lie. Biji tells Takhi to tell Karwa Chauth Katha to everyone. Rakhi tells everyone to go forward and she will call Rishabh and Preeta and then come. Rakhi calls Rishabh and Preeta talks on the phone. Rakhi asks her how she is. Preeta tells Rakhi that they are good and now they are going for the puja which the family has arranged and she has company and is not alone. Rakhi speaks with Rishabh. She tells him not to keep Preeta alone as she is on vrat and tells him to take care of her.

Lastly in Kundali Bhagya, Rishabh tells Rakhi that he will take care. Rishabh and Preeta get called down for the puja. They perform the puja and Preeta gets blessed or being happy and also that her marriage should prosper forever. Arjun comes and sees Preeta. Then the lady tells everyone the Karwa Chauth story. Arjun and Preeta both recall their past moments and get restless. After the puja, Arjun was coming down and Preeta saw him and they both stopped in front of each other and flower petals fell on them. They both look into each other’s eyes. The worker apologizes to them. Arjun Goes into the room and Anjali calls him and ask him if he is fine. He tells that he is alone and everything is fine but Preeta is in front of him and he just heard Karwa Vhauth pray and she is doing the same. Then Preeta was about to go up the staircase and she saw Arjun. She asks him what his problem is and why he follows them everywhere. Preeta tells Arjun that he doesn’t have any other work. Preeta asks him why he is stalking them and why he doesn’t have anything in his life to do. Arjun tells her that she ended his life and now he doesn’t have anything in life. Preeta gets shocked listening to it.

Picture Credit- Zee Tv