In today’s episode, we can see that Tej is startled when he sees Ashok Hooda’s portrait and exclaims, “Run!” before rushing to his room. Raj claims that he has no idea why he did it.

Inspector Singh notices Dadi and Anubha and tells a vendor who refuses to provide money that he has great hair. She believes it is critical for Tej’s recuperation. Do you remember anything about the moment he went missing? The doctor stated you had to recreate the same scene. Meet asks Meet Ahlawat for his wallet and hands over money to the boy, telling him to go get some food and shelter. Meet Ahlawat, she adds, and we’ll take him to the same area and then to the doctor to find out why he’s afraid of light, so shock therapy can begin. Meet Ahlawat asks if he remembers what colour shirt he was wearing that day. Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry, everyone will be occupied with the opening of your mother’s shop, and we’ll take Tej out there.

Everyone leaves for the inauguration at Ahlawat mansion, Tej with Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says to stay with him while he goes to pray for Tej. Babita and Meet, according to Ragini, are not at home.

Babita adds, “I know everything about your plan, and I’m not going to let it happen,” and tells Tej to sit in her car as the driver drives away.

Meet claims it’s only for Tej’s benefit. Everything is being done under the guidance of a doctor, and there is a 50% probability of success. Tej ran away, says the driver, who rushes to meet Ahlawat.