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MTV Roadies Real Heroes 21 April 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how contestant are not delivering there 100% according to Gang Leader Prince Narula.

MTV Roadies Real Heroes 21 April 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Prince is angry!

Today’s MTV Roadies Real Heroes 21 April episode starts with the non-immuned Roadies getting a chance to secure themselves by winning an immunity task. For the task named Rollungi, the Roadies get divided into two teams.

The task starts with Lakshya and Pooja being locked in a cage. The duo has to roll the cage along the ground to break the matkas. The other team member will grab a ball stuffed inside the matkas and another member of the same team will then throw the balls through the net. But the opposing team members stationed in front of the net will defend the balls thrown in their direction.

Neha is extremely unhappy with the way Niharika’s performing and tells her to stop the game. On the other hand, Ankita does well and impresses everyone.

Sahiba and Niharika perform worse which upsets the gang leaders and they express their discontent with Sahiba, Niharika and Chetna. They appreciate Lakshya and Ankita’s good performance.

Aarushi and Yukti get into an argument with Sahiba wherein Aarushi blames her for not performing well. Sahiba is in tears.

A second task – Padhai Pitaai is introduced. A group of Kalaripayattu fighters have been invited to participate in the task as well. Gang leaders are given the freedo, to choose the members for their gang. And so the task begins.

The gang leaders have been tasked with the challenge to solve equations while the Roadies get the clues. And the clues are tucked in a shield which the Roadies need to break in order to retrieve them. However, it’s not as easy. The obstacle being the Kalaripayattu fighters will be hitting the shields while being blindfolded.

Neha’s team wins the task. Prince’s gang comes in second while Nikhil is disappointed at having been beaten by Prince in a mathematical task.

The MTV Roadies Real Heroes 21 April 2019 written update full episode ends here.

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